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       Generally speaking,the main differentiating way on types of sleeves on women’s apparel is the length. And another determining factor is the way the sleeve is cut and how it fits around the arms. The type of sleeves tailored into women’s tapas or vestidos gives each piece of clothes a distinctive style,if you can wear it perfectly,the dramatic sleeves can make you be the fashion ELF.

       Bell sleeves just as its name suggests refers to the shape of the sleeves similar to the bell , and i feel it looks like a blooming flower,when the sleeves oscilación,it will catch the wind, creating the prettiest movement.

        It is obvious to see the Magical effect of the bell sleeves , for example,simple solid color dresses and tops will become more interesting and adorable with the decoration of bell sleeves.

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        As we all know that fashon is chaging and innovating all the time,so more interesting little elements are also added to the bell sleeves,for example,some designers put a flounce or a bow tie at the bottom of the bell sleeves.Or even can make a color blocking.These decoration can make you look skinny,vintage and adorable.

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        Nowadays,more and more exaggerated shapes of bell sleeve also have been feted por el moda world.They look like a bit elegant and vintage of drama.


         Puff sleeve is known as a type of sleeves on a piece of clothes that fits close to the body at the shoulder and  lower edge and is wider in the middle of the clothing, forming a round shape.

        When puffed sleeves combine with dull quiet pink brown and green,the stylish of retro and elegant will come out.Only with the most simple pure white, you will become more romantic and gentle, the design of pull sleeve will transport us back to antiguo Victorian illusion.If you wear with a midi or maxi skirt,you will become modern and feminine al mismo tiempo.

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